Hibiscus Mint Iced Tea

Giving people suggestions for how to prepare a beverage is a scary thing.  When you think of someone being a snob about a particular subject, it probably involves a beverage.  You have your OG beverage snobs, aka sommeliers or wanna be sommeliers.  There are your run of the mill, I only drink craft beers, probably do a little home brewing snobs.  And the worst snobs of all, coffee snobs.  I don't understand your pour over coffee, I just don't get it!

Anyways, I am getting sidetracked.  This is my recipe for Hibiscus Mint Iced Tea.  I am no expert on this subject, but I like the way it tastes when I prepare it this way.  I'm sure there is a scientific method to this somwhere.  This recipe is not it, but it makes a pitcher of some tangy, delicious tea.  Simple enough.

Hibiscus Mint Iced Tea
1/4 c. loose hibiscus tea
1/8 c. loose peppermint tea

1. Boil a kettle of water.  Make your tea concentrate by pouring about a quart of water over the tea leaves.  I just use a quart size mason jar and fill'er up.

2. The tea leaves will float.  When they sink the tea is ready.  This should take around 5 minutes.  I don't worry about time too much though.  Sometimes I forget I was making tea and don't get around to the next step for upwards to 30 minutes.  It turns out just fine

3. Pour the tea concentrate into a pitcher through a sieve to remove the tea leaves.

4. Add 3/4 quart of water (just fill the mason jar 3/4 of the way full) to the tea concentrate.

5. Chill until ready to serve.

Oh, and if you wanna look like you know what's what in a trendy coffee shop, watch this video.  It reassured me that tea people are more "zen" than coffee folks.  I would imagine iced tea people are totally the zen-ist.  I mean, we don't sit on porches and favor rocking chairs over all other forms of seating for no reason people!

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