Growing Wild

The back half of our property is a completely wooded hill that ends at a little creek fed by water trickling over our neighbors dam.  A short hike down the hill feels like you are in a different world full of flowers, bees, and a chance to accidentally run into a stinky woodland critter you would rather not bother. 

Now is the prime time for exploring the back hill.  Not only are the wildflowers going crazy, but the hill will become overgrown with beggar's lice later in the season.  A trip down the hill during the summer is just asking for an afternoon of picking stickers out of your shoe laces.  

One of the coolest things Parker found recently are these flowers.  We have been calling them octopus flowers, since those curly tines look just like octopus legs with little suckers.  I looked it up today, and it turns out they are officially called Blue Curls.  What a waste, right?  It would have been way better if they were called octopus flowers.  Colloquial names gotta start somewhere though.  I hereby ordain these octopus flowers.  Pass it on.    

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