Dust is Settling

I do not have a clue how home renovation blogs exist.  The experience of buying and renovating a house, even an ultra small one (we sit at just under 900 square feet), is the most frustrating, exhausting, and all around stressful experience in the world.  I'm pretty sure this isn't an overstatement.  All the grey hairs on Parker's and my head serve as proof!

After months of constant nailing, painting, caulking, grouting, and sanding, the chaos has clambered to a manageable rhythm.  We are no where close to being done with even half of our planned renovations, but we have the most important (aka: kitchen and bathroom) spaces fixed up.  We took some time to recuperate this winter, and are now working on our remaining projects at an even pace.

Another big change is our lifestyle.  I was laid off from my job early this year, and Parker and I have decided that a lifestyle where I primarily work around the house is something we both wanted.  I still have a job with the bed and breakfast.  But my full time job right now is working on the house.  With the extra time, I was able to put in a garden for the spring/summer, and work on tons of little projects to make our lives a little more comfortable and beautiful.  Everyone knows that decorating has always been a passion of mine, so I'm so happy to have time to work the type of  projects that matter to me.  

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