Product Profile: Dog Waste Bag Dispenser

I walk my dogs a lot.  I live in a town home right now and the yard is seriously minuscule.  Look in your bathroom, that is probably about the size of my yard.  So, I walk my dogs several miles a day to make up for the whole yard thing.  When we first moved into the town home I made full use of my pockets when we would walk, shoving the waste bags, my keys, and maybe a few snacks for Abby and Banana in there.  But, I had one problem with that.  Not all of my pants have pockets.  Sometimes I want to wear my workout shorts or leggings when we go walking.  So what did I do?  I shoved everything in my sports bra (not treats, I'm not that gross!).  Its really not comfortable sweating all over plastic waste bags, and worrying that your house key is going to fall out of the bottom of your bra leaving you stuck in the minuscule yard until Parker gets home from work.

I decided to make a little pouch to hold all of the walking necessities.  The pouch has a carabiner so it can clip onto your belt loop if you have one, or just leave it clipped on the leash (that is what I do).  The pouch has a button hole on the front so you can easily thread the first waste bag from a roll through the hole and pull bags off one at a time as you need them.  I also put a pocket on the inside to keep your keys safe, and the treats organized.  I don't know how I lived without this for so long!

Right now I have several bags available at Austin Gift Company on South Lamar in Austin.  The online shop is a work in progress, so I will have a small selection of my products available here real soon!


Mandy B said...

Seriously, so cute! I need to check out that shop soon. I've never been there. Hope you're doing well and let's get together soon. :)

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