New Pico Picot Items at Austin Gift Co.

This booth business has been crazy! It is really interesting to see what items become popular and what items sell at a slower pace. It's also interesting to see how many times the display photo of my sister's cat Malto Meal is going to be stolen/misplaced/hidden/returned. Malto is a good looking cat, but really?! What is so enticing about this photo? No one steals the photos of my dogs. My feelings would almost be hurt if this photo stealing phenomenon wasn't so hilarious.

I added a bunch of new items to the booth yesterday. Cat collars sold like hot cakes right when I put them on display last month. After a long wait for my hardware to come in the mail, I finally have a decent selection in the shop.

 I also added a few more dog waste bag dispensers. Quit stealing cat pictures people, and buy one of these for yourself or for that neighbor you hate for letting their dog poop in your yard. Its okay to be passive aggressive if it involves presents. That's the rule right?

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Mandy B said...

Everything in your booth is super cute!! Congrats! I really really like your tags too. Great job.