Doggie Day Trip: The Antisocial Dog's Guide to Roy G. Guerrero Park

I love taking my dogs places.  They love it too, except strange people make them nervous, and strange dogs make them freak out.  So, we are pretty limited in the places we can go together.  Roy G. Guerrero park is an amazing option for the antisocial dog.  Abby, Banana, and I walk in the mornings on a regular basis and never encounter too many other dogs.  There are places in the park where people do allow their dogs off leash.  If your dogs are like mine, be wary of "secret beach" (the area adjacent to the river). Open fields close to parking lots seem to be a favorite for people who want to throw the tennis ball around with their four legged buddy for a little bit.  These areas are easily avoided for the most part.

Our favorite thing to do at the park is wonder around the disc golf course.  There are tons of beautiful trails along the course, and it is easy to let yourself feel lost in the woods.  The course is pretty big so there are plenty of areas to explore with your dogs.  It is not uncommon to encounter a deer or two, and the wildflowers are beautiful.  There is plenty shade and each hole of the course has large blocks of stone to use as benches.  I guess its a good place to play disc golf, but how many people actually do that!?  Parker has a set of "discs" (don't call them Frisbees, for some reason that is a good way to get someone to glare at you...), but I don't have the slightest interest in playing myself.  I will stick with wondering around on the course and trying not to get in the way of the 5 or 6 people I may encounter actually playing the game.

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