So, a few months ago Parker, the pups and I moved back to Austin.  We loved living in Temple for the past couple of years, but we were also missing being around our family and old friends.  Its so nice to stop by your parents house every now and then and eat all of their olives and Cheez-Its.  That's what parents are for right?  Living in Temple was definitely getting in the way of my parental food stealing. 

In addition to moving to Austin, we bought a house last week!!!  What!?!?!  The nomads (not really, but I'm feeling like I've moved 800 times in the past several years), are setting down some roots?!?!  The place is adorable, but needs a little love before we want to move in.  Lots of house-ie projects are on the horizon, and I'm pretty sure this is what I've been waiting for my whole life.  DIY OUT THE ROOF!!!!  I'm excited to do the things I only could dream about in our past rent houses. 

I have also been expanding my Pico Picot product line recently.  I have all sorts of pet related products now.  Pico Picot pet bow ties are still available at Lofty Dog on Anderson Ln, but the whole collection of pet goods (and some plant stands my dad has been making from reclaimed wood), are available at Austin Gift Company on South Lamar.  I am renting a booth space in Austin Gift Company, and its like my own little tiny mini store.  It has been a challenge to actually merchandise my products, but I'm really proud of where my booth is now.  I also have plans to start an online store here on picopicot.com.  Etsy wasn't really working out for me, and I like the idea of having more control of my very own virtual storefront. 

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