Day Trippin' Lorena TX

This morning, Parker and I headed up to Lorena to check out a cheese shop a friend had told me about.  Who can resist the idea of trying handmade cheeses... Not me and Parker obviously.  The place was adorable, and worth stopping by if you are ever near.  Lorena is off I-35 between Waco and Temple.  That is totally on your way if you are making the trek between Dallas and Austin!

Lorena's Center Street is so cute!  We visited The Texas Cheese HouseJust for you Antiques, and Center Street Antique Mall.  I'm serious about you stopping by.  It's pretty amazing to find such a darling little town right off the highway! 

The Texas Cheese House was really neat.  Its a pretty small operation offering a couple dozen cheeses they make right there in the store.  They also have a menu where you can actually try the cheeses in action.  They had samples of their different spreads set out, and you can have a sample of any cheese you are interested in. I was pretty amazed.  My favorite cheese was the Lorena Bar Cheese.  Its a soft spread made with cream cheese, cheddar, and horseradish.  The tub we bought is almost half gone already!

Center Street Antique Mall was so jam packed full of antiques and oddities, I probably could spend a week in there exploring.  I love that they don't take the antique store title too seriously.  In addition to the antiques, they have a lot of old toys from the 90's and some stuff that is just plain weird.

Just For You Antiques was a little fancy for my blood, but the outdoor spaces were amazing!  I want to live on their sun porch!  Who doesn't love old wrought iron, and lacy curtains!  So Perfect.

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Mandy B said...

This is my kind of day trip. I love going to Little Tiny Town, TX and moseying about. I really like your blog. :)

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