Etsy Update: Crochet Cat Toys

Its been a while since I've added anything new to my Etsy shop.  Hopefully this is the first round of a lot of new products I will be selling.  For now, I still have some clip on bow ties for pet collars, and now crochet cat toys!

I taught myself to crochet a few years ago from an amigurumi book I checked out at the library.  My first project was a small bear I gave my mom for Christmas that year.  The bear was probably only 4 inches tall, and took my the entire first 2 seasons of Mad Men to complete!  I've gotten a lot faster since then, and I've also taught myself how to freehand crochet.  I love being able to sculpt with yarn!  Crochet projects are my favorite, but also the most likely to distract me from all the stuff I really need to do (we have been eating a whole lot of rice and beans around here since I've been cranking out these cuties).

So, these mice are pretty simple to crochet, and they are super cute! I figure you are going to have to look at your pets toys strewn all over the house, so they may as well be cute.  The mice are made with 100% cotton yarn and have 2 bells inside, so they rattle when shook.  Your cat will probably love them!  Check out  my etsy shop for more info.  I plan on adding more colors soon.  If you have any special requests, message me on etsy, and I will see what I can do!

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