(Kinda) Crazy Flavored Royal Icing

I've always had a hard time understanding the frozen yogurt thing.  I'm not talking about frozen yogurt from the grocery store, I'm talking fro-yo.  Fro-yo from a brightly colored storefront most likely found in a (I mean EVERY) strip mall.  I just really have no desire to put 4 different kinds of yogurt in a cup and then bury that in gummy bears.   I think I figured it out though.  People like to try to find new combinations of flavors in the search of something weird and awesome.  Ergo, my sister and her love for peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches.  Well, this recipe is perfect for flavor experimenting.  Its one recipe that yields 3 different flavors of icing.  I didn't get too far out of the box with my choices though.  I made root beer, cherry, and vanilla frosting.  But you can get crazy all of you fro-yo lovers out there!  Nothing is stopping you from making the best banana, anise, and grape cookie of all time!

3 Egg Whites
3 1/4 c. Powdered Sugar
a couple splashes of milk
1 tsp each of 3 different flavor extracts (you can find these at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Walmart, and grocery stores.  Walmart has the best variety I've seen)
food coloring (optional)

1. Use a mixer to beat the egg whites in a medium large bowl until stiff peaks form
2. Mix in the powdered sugar
3. Split your frosting as even as you can into 3 bowls (there is no need to be precise, just eyeball it)
4. Mix in one flavor to each bowl of frosting
5. Frost your cookies immediately.  The frosting will form a crust on top if you wait.  If this happens just add a splash of milk and mix it back up until smooth.

The frosting dries hard and glossy.  I sprinkled my cookies with sugar for a a more matte look.  

If you were wondering I used this recipe for the cookies, and I got my cookie cutter from Printmeneer on Etsy.  The cookie cutter is especially cool because it was made with a 3D printer!  


Mandy B said...

:O They look amazing. Like geometric poptarts! Will you give me a baking 101. It looks like so much fun! Or I can apprentice on your next big project. :P


Amy said...

We should totally bake together! I'm super inspired by this blog right now http://cococakeland.com/. I'm dying to make a perfectly decorated cake. My cakes are always a little more "rustic" looking. I think the problem is that I'm going to have to get over how stingy I am with frosting! You should have Kristie give you my number!