Weekend Jaunt: Bastrop, Texas

I grew up in Bastrop.  I went to school K-12 in the small town nestled in the pines.  So much has changed since I moved away after I graduated High School in 2005.  A lot of the places I used to love are gone, and a lot of the places I love to visit now weren't there when I moved off.  Its a weird feeling of nostalgia, and exploration all mixed up.  Its a good thing though.  I didn't expect things to stop when I left, and I'm glad they didn't.

Yesterday I went home for the day to visit my parents.  My mom and I always visit our two favorite places when I'm home, Bastrop Gardens, and the Bastrop Producers Market.

Bastrop Gardens is literally right down the street from my parents' place on a small county road off the highway.  Its a beautiful place to explore, even when the heat is killer.  The owner is wonderful, and full of great stories and information.  She has even managed to cure a little bit of my parents' "brown thumb".  The garden center is full of all sorts of native plants, succulents, cacti, and herbs & veggies especially if you go during the peak planting season (not now, wait a little bit before you stick a tomato plant in the ground).  

I LOVE Bastrop Producers Market!!!  It's just the coolest business idea ever!  Its an indoor farmers market organized a little bit like a consignment shop.  It has regular business hours, so it is convenient for everyone, even someone with the busiest lifestyle!  They have great local products, produce, bulk items, and some standard health food store fare that Bastrop is otherwise sorely lacking.  I bought a kombucha mother on this trip, so some serious fermentation experimenting is about to begin in my kitchen.   

Ok, Viejo's was a new stop on my Bastrop adventuring and it was absolutely incredible!  My mom had been hearing about it from a friend, so we went to check it out during their soft opening.  They have some amazing fresh Mexican cuisine, and artisan cocktails.  I'm usually a beer/wine girl, so I've never really gotten anything fancier to drink than a peach margarita on a trip to Port Aransas.  My mom loves a fancy drink, so she talked me into trying something new.  We both got the Jalapeno Hibiscus cocktails from their drink menu.  They were so yummy with a little kick of heat from the jalapeno garnish!  This drink alone will make Viejo's a regular stop on all of my hometown hoedowns in the future.  

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