Lemon Cake Jars on Wife Mom Superwoman

Deidre, my cousin-in-law and the blogger behind Wife Mom Superwoman, blogs separately about issues concerning, wives, moms, and strong women (aka superwomen).  I have been so inspired by Deidre's blog, not only through the content (which is pretty incredible), but also through the consistency, and professionalism she puts toward her blog as a whole.  Every post is well written and meaningful, and she is the best blogger ever about responding to comments and putting herself out there with social media.  I was so excited when she asked me to contribute a post to her blog!  The topic we ended up choosing for my guest post was Lemon Cakes with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting baked IN mason jars.  I first got the idea of baking in a jar from a great cookbook my cousin Nicole gave me for Christmas.  I experimented around and actually wrote this recipe myself.  Go to Wife Mom Superwoman and check it out!

Ok, I have even more exciting news now!!!  Not only did I do a guest post for Wife Mom Superwoman, I joined Deidre's blogging team!  I will be teaming up with her to do guest posts on a regular basis.  I'm excited about this because I really do love Wife Mom Superwoman and I'm so honored to actually get to be a part of it!

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Deidre said...

YAY!!! I'm so excited to have you, cousin! ;) Such a fantastic post... I look forward to MANY more!