DIY Cactus Refrigerator Magnets

There is a lost art to refrigerator magnets.  So many people these days view them exclusively as kitsch and avoid them completely.  Com'on people!  Have some fun!  These magnets make no promise of a kitsch-less aesthetic, but I think they are about as cool as a fridge magnet is going to get.  Plus you are bringing back a lost art when you make them, and that is pretty important right?

Tiny Terracotta Pots (I found mine at Michaels and they are about 1.5" tall and 1.5" wide), Paint & Paint Brush, Neodymium Magnets (got these at Michaels also), Hot Glue Gun + Hot Glue, 
Cactus/Succulent Potting Soil (you can find this kind at most big box stores with gardening stuff),

First thing is first.  If you weren't able to buy a itty bitty cactus to transplant into the pots, you are going to need to make a cutting from a larger cactus.  When you buy your cactus, choose a variety with a cluster of smaller growths.  Take a clean knife and cut through your favorite piece of cactus.  Let each piece scab over (gross!!! Well, not really) for a few days in a dry place.  That's it

When you are ready to plant your scabbed over cactus nubs, here is what you do.  Decorate your pots.  I used gold paint to make stripes on mine.  Here are some other ideas: polka dots in different colors (use a pencil eraser for a nice round dot), solid color pots, chevrons, paintings of little animals, portraits of your family members (I'm not artistic enough to pull off those last two, but it would be cool).  When you are done decorating and your paint is dry, put a generous dab of hot glue on the least favorite/back side of your pot and stick on the magnet.  Fill each pot with the cactus/succulent potting soil and carefully plant your cactus in the soil.  That's it.  Now, just give you cactus a little water and put it on your fridge.  So cute!!


WifeMomSuperwoman said...

These are SO SO cute!!! I would love to try this ASAP. Helloooo weekend project! Thanks for the tutorial.

Eva Napierkowski said...

how much and how often should they be watered?

Amy Hyink said...

Hey Eva,
I take my cactus down from the fridge and water them 1 tablespoon once a week.