El Paso

Last weekend Parker and I journeyed out west to see our friend Neftali's band play at the Neon Desert music festival in El Paso.  West Texas is AMAZING!  I love the mountain desert landscape.  And I mean, how cool is it to drive past a couple dust devils, and maybe even a tumbleweed or two.  Its just absolutely majestic!  I've even heard people describe it as transcendental, so you know that means its pretty awesome.  
Anyways, El Paso is a beautiful city in the mountainous desert, you get that now, but it also has some great places to eat, drink, and have fun.  Here are a few of the gems I discovered on my short weekend jaunt.  

I never see anything I really want to buy here, but its fun to look around!  You never know there is a good chance you will find something you can't live without.  There is a pretty awesome Western Store with your regular cowboy fare, but also a pretty good selection of old man style short sleeve western shirts.  You know you don't have enough of those.

Hello Day Cafe
This teeny tiny little cafe is located in the downtown shopping district.  Surrounded by places to buy knock off purses, bargain western wear, and bras in 6 packs for less than 10 bucks.  Even though the surrounding shops may be bargain discount quality (I bought some batteries for my camera for less than a dollar... they lasted for about 30 seconds before they pooped out on me), but the quality of their food is amazing!  I had an eggplant sandwich with roasted shishimi peppers and fries.  I'm pretty sure that even the ketchup was homemade!  It was incredible to say the least!  If you are in El Paso you HAVE to eat here!  I would stuff my face with this food every day if I could.  

This little bar is also in the downtown shopping district.  Located on the second floor, they have two awesome little balconies.  I really just like the feel of this place, and I met tons of really awesome people while we were there.  I'm a beer girl, so I can't really comment on the quality of their drinks, but I'm sure they are good.  AND BEST PART!!!  You can order food from Hello Day Cafe at the bar.  At like 1 in the morning!  I have never been somewhere I could get poutine to go with my cheap-o beer!

Neftali and I on one of the balconies at Bowie Feathers

Ok, you caught me, I didn't discover this while I was in El Paso.  Its the reason I went there in the first place, but it is worth me mentioning.  The festival is kinda unique because it is situated right in the middle of the downtown grid.  I thought it was pretty awesome to see STRFKR on a stage nestled between two tall buildings.  The line up is super diverse too.  You've got indie stuff, electronic stuff, and several bands of different genres from Mexico. 

 AND the Black Coats!  Check them out!  They are a garage rock band based out of El Paso.  They are really great, and have so much energy on stage.  Look at Neftali playing guitar on the far right!  See!! ENERGYYY!  Now go listen to them!  

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